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Quilting Design Services in Helena, MT

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Edge-to-edge (E2E) designs use one color of thread and run continuously, from one edge to the other, over the entire body of the quilt, regardless of blocks, seams, or piecing designs. The designs are digital patterns which are computer guided and can be sized to achieve the desired level of quilting density and scale. Edge-to-edge quilting offers beautiful all-over quilting, wonderful texture on the surface of the quilt, and is available in numerous designs, including vines, flowers, feathers, and geometric shapes.  

We have over 200 E2E quilting designs to choose from (with more added frequently). Choose the design that compliments your quilt and suits your style. If you need help, we’re happy to make suggestions.

Our BERNINA long-arm quilting machine can accommodate quilt tops ranging in size up to 108” maximum width, with no restrictions on length, and we happily quilt small projects, including crib quilts, and wall quilts.

Our E2E quilting fee is 3 cents per square inch.  Minimum charge $35. This fee includes thread but you supply your choice of batting and backing fabric.
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The backing fabric should measure a minimum of 4” and a maximum of 6” wider than the top on all four sides. If your quilt backing requires piecing to reach the required size, be sure to cut off selvages before joining the pieces and sew with a ½” wide seam allowance. Press all seams open and iron the pieced backing to remove all wrinkles. Indicate which side is the backing TOP by attaching a large safety pin with a note “TOP” to this side.

If you provide your own batting, please make sure it is a minimum of 4” and a maximum of 6” wider than the top on all four sides of the quilt.  This extra allows us the needed room to attach your quilt to the frame.  Extra will be returned to you.

Solid Isacord thread is included in the quilting services. If you choose a varigated thread or an other brand, that will need to be purchase separately. Ask yourself two questions: Do I want to use a thread of any color or type of your own? OR! Do I have to purchase or pick a thread to match the quilt? If you bring in your own thread then you are in the clear. However if you need to pick a thread to match and you need to purchase the same color to finish at home. Due to the thread is included in the quilting service charge.

We make every effort to complete your quilt in 3-4 weeks of receipt. If you have a deadline, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate you.

We do not offer binding services, at this time.

Trim and remove all basting seams, points, and excess threads. Press all seams flat, taking care to make sure the top lies flat and all seams are sewn securely. Square up the quilt top by checking that the top and bottom and the sides are parallel to each other and the corners are 90° angles. Indicate which side is the quilt TOP by attaching a large safety pin to this side.


Fullness and/or puckers within a quilt and its borders cannot be quilted out. We cannot guarantee that puckers and tucks won’t be sewn in. In some cases, excessive fullness in borders may result in the quilt corners not being square. The flatter your quilt top is, the better the finished quilt will be.


Please be aware that sewing machines including longarm machines are mechanical devices. Although we do our utmost to ensure perfect results every time, on very rare occasions mechanical problems can occur which may cause minor damage to a quilt top and/or backing.



Preparing Your Quilt top for Machine Quilting

  1.  Make sure your quilt top is well pressed and seams are flattened.  Seams on the top should be pressed flat, not pressed open.
  2. Trim all hanging threads from the back and edges as much as possible. Those threads will show through light areas of the quilt.
  3. If you have had piecing problems in making the quilt, that can create problems with pleats and puckers when it is quilted.  We do our best to correct such problems as we quilt, but we can’t guarantee that we can work out all problems that arise. To avoid wavy borders and funky pleats, you need to make your top fit your borders. Measure through the middle of your quilt and cut borders to fit the length.  You may need to ease some in order for your quilt to fit the borders.
  4. Identify the top and backing pieces of your quilt with notes.
  5. If you want curved corners or borders, please wait to cut the curves until the quilting is done.
  6. Make sure you quilt if clean and free of offensive odors. (We reserve the right to refuse quilts that have strong odors). 
  7. Verify thread choice. (thread from home or at store)?


You can become certified on the Bernina Q24 Longarm to rent time and quilt your own quilts.  Appointments are scheduled on a one-on-one basis with our Longarm certified trainer.


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