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124 East Lyndale Helena, MT 59601
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Sewing Machine Repair Services in Helena, MT

Get the Best Sewing Machine Repairs Near Me!
We Repair ALL Makes & Models of Sewing Machines

We repair all makes and models of sewing machines. Our certified BERNINA technicians work on-site for simple tune-ups or a intensive repair. We service all brands of sewing machines. You can schedule an appointment and walk ins are welcome. Please call the store for an appointment. 406-443-5724

Sewing Machine Repair Services

How much does it cost to repair a sewing machine?

Prices for Repair Services
  • Sewing machine service for non-embroidery machines is $115.
  • Sewing machine service BERNINA Next Gen 5, 7 and 8 Series $145.
  • Add an embroidery unit to a full service $15
  • Overlocker machine service $115.
  • Onsite BERNINA Longarm $125 for first two hours $15 additional 1/4 hour + mileage (MT State Rate)
  • Diagnostic Fee is $45.
  • Hourly Repair labor $75
  • Rush Fee-Pre-paid $30

Certified BERNINA Sewing Machine Repairs & Tune-Ups

When your beloved Bernina Sewing Machine needs a tune-up or repair, you want someone you can trust. That's why The Sewing Palace has certified BERNINA technicians who are trained and experienced in all aspects of the repair process. We understand that some machines have been with families for generations, so we take extra care to ensure each machine is treated with respect and given the best possible care. Our certified sewing machine technicians have been trained to handle all kinds of problems, from minor adjustments to major repairs. We also provide tune-ups that will keep your machine running in top condition for many years to come. Whether you need a repair or tune-up, you can trust our certified BERNINA technicians to get the job done right.

When You Bring Your BERNINA Machine in for Servicing...

Please Bring:
  • BERNINA Sewing Machine
  • Bobbin Case (This is important for tension settings and adjustments)
  • General Sewing (Zig Zag) Stitch Plate (Not Straight Stitch Plate)
  • Power Cord and foot control
  • Embroidery Unit (If having issues)
  • BSR (BERNINA Stitch Regulator–If having issues)
    If you bring other accessories that we do not need, we will package them and send them home with you upon check-in.
Do not bring any other accessories. If you are bringing in your sewing machine and embroidery unit to be updated, please save your designs on a USB stick.

Other (Non-BERNINA) Sewing Machine Repairs & Tune-Ups

Don't have a Bernina sewing machine? No problem! We can fix & repair all makes and models of sewing machines, including Singer, Brother & Bernette sewing machines. Our sewing machine technicians have all of the tools and expertise needed to keep your beloved sewing machine running smoothly. Whether you need a simple tune-up or a complete repair job, we can help you get back up and stitching in no time. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always happy to answer any questions you might have about the process, so don't hesitate to stop by or give us a call. All we ask is that you bring your sewing machine in — we'll take care of the rest! With our fast turnaround times and competitive prices, you won't find a better place for sewing machine repairs & tune-ups in Helena, MT. Come see us today and let our experts get your sewing machine running again!

When you bring in your non-BERNINA machine, please bring the following:
  • Sewing Machine with Power Cord & Foot Control
  • Embroidery Unit (If Having Issues)
  • Zig Zag Presser Foot
  • Bobbin Case
  • Bobbin
  • General Sewing (Zig Zag) Stitch Plate (Not Straight Stitch Plate)

    Do not bring any other accessories. If you are bringing in your sewing machine and embroidery unit to be updated, please save your designs on a personal design card, CD, or hard drive.

Tips to Keep Your Sewing Machine Working Smoothly

Tips from the Tech!   Watch Video

  1. We do not recommend sewing over pins. You risk breaking a needle, which could fly in your face or cause a burr on the hook. If you have a broken needle, be sure to find and remove all broken pieces.
  2. Change your needle and oil the hook every 3-4 sewing hours. Do not use a dull or damaged needle!
  3. If your needle gets jammed in your fabric, loosen the needle clamp that holds the needle on the needle bar to remove the jammed needle. Do not use the hand wheel to pry the needle out. It may cause your machine to go out of time or damage the hook of your machine.
  4. Never use abrasives on the outer covers or touchscreen. Any type of mild cleaning agent, such as 409, should be sprayed onto a cloth and then applied to clean covers. Never use acetone, mineral spirits or harsh chemicals.
  5. When you bring your machine in for service, please include your all-purpose foot, foot control, and electrical cord. At check-in, please list any problems that you may be having with your machine.
  6. SURGE PROTECTORS ARE A MUST FOR ALL SEWING MACHINES! Recommended protection of at least 1000 joules. Panamax brand is highly recommended and is available at The Sewing Palace.
  7. Remember we have a 30-day policy on all repairs.  We likely don't sew the same way you do so occasionally we may miss something.  Don't be afraid to come back and tell us.  The Techs are here to help you.

Repair Your Sewing Machine in Helena Today!

Sewing Machine Repair Appointments & Drop Offs

Same Day Sewing Machine Repairs with Most Appointments

If you have a sewing machine appointment, we ask that you bring your machine in the day before it is scheduled for service, that way we can get to it first thing on the morning of your appointment! Our goal is to service your machine the day of your appointment. Everyone misses their machine when it is gone, and we strive to finish repairs quickly, correctly, and efficiently. If parts need to be ordered for your machine it could take more time.

Sewing Machine Drop Off Repairs

If you are dropping off your machine we will strive to complete it within a 10 day period, otherwise make an appointment and we will get it done on the day of your appointment.

Make Sure to Oil Your Sewing Machine & Change Your Needle Regularly

***Just one more reminder… if you cannot remember the last time you oiled your machine or changed your needle please take a short reading break and do it now. Completing these two tasks will only improve stitch quality and make your machine perform better.

TIP: Purchase a small booklet and keep a service record on your machine. You have a lot invested in your machine so taking time to write down a service record will be helpful to you and to our service department.

Happy Sewing! Jenny

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